Improvement of MTG Process for Preparation and its property of YBCO Superconductor

Dea-wha Soh

Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Myong Ji University, Yongin, Kyonggi-Do, 449-728, Republic of Korea


To improve the superconductivity of high temperature YBCO superconductor, it was prepared and examined by MTG (melt-textured growth) process with use of SmBaCuO seed crystal for orientation, additives of Ag and 211 phase for current density and flux pinning, and heat treatment for oxygen absorption. SmBaCuO single crystals were prepared by MTG process with oxygen absorption and analyzed by XRD and Laue technique. It was estimated that optimum value of Y2BaCuO5 (211 phase)

contents in the textured YBCO superconductor as flux pinning center was about 20wt.%. Ag contents have no influence on the critical temperature but have large influence on the critical current density of the textured YBCO.

In the YBCO matrix in experiment, 10wt.% of Y2BaCuO5 was added, the final 211 content of YBCO

made by MTG process could reach about 20wt.% which was the optimum value for the critical current

density. The Ag contents in textured YBCO and the effects of Ag on the superconductivity were also


A 5´ 52 mm3 single crystal of SmBaCuO grown by the melted-condensed process was used to be the seed crystal in the preparation of YBCO. It was proved that the orientation of YBCO was the same as the orientation of the SmBaCuO seed. The effect of oxygen absorption of the bulk oriented YBCO was studied and the heat treatment of oxygen absorption would be in flowing oxygen, at 400 for about 24 hours. The critical current density of the textured YBCO prepared by the optimum technical conditions was about 7104 A/cm2 (77K, 0.01T).