Separation of alcohol-ester binary mixtures by pervaporation

Sibel (Sain) Ozdemir1 , Salih Dincer1,2, O.Tunc Savasci1

1 TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Material and Chemical Technologies Research Institute, P.O.

Box 21, 41470 Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey

2 Yildiz Technical University, Chemical Engineering Department, 80270 Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey.


In this study, the pervaporation behavior of azeotrope forming methanol-methyl acetate and ethanol-ethyl acetate binary mixtures at different compositions was investigated at 30 and 45 C using PE-based films having different thickness, compositions and structures, and a PET film. Experimental fluxes and selectivities of the permeating components were determined and evaluated on the basis of the feed mixtures and membranes. In addition, sorption measurements were taken for pure permeating components to observe the interactions between the polymeric membrane and the feed component.