Oxidative carbonylation of dipropargylarylamines at palladium and cupric chlorides catalysis

S.A. Vizer, K.B. Yerzhanov, Z.N. Manchuk, A.G. Wieser

Institute of Chemical Sciences ME&S RK 106, Sh. Walikhanov st., Almaty, 480100


The catalytic oxidative methoxycarbonylation reaction of N,N-dipropargylarylamines has been investi-gated. PdCl2-CuCl2 has been studied as a catalytic system. Consecutive reactions of substitutive and addi-tive methoxycarbonylation have been going in this process, which has been complicated by dimerisation, polymerization and cyclization processes. Apparently the results of process are determined by stability of intermediate reactionary complexes with participation of catalytic system PdCl2-CuCl2. The structures of synthesized cyclic amino triesters are established by analysis of experimental spectra NMR 1H and 13C, comparison with calculated spectra of possible hypothetic structures and estimation of thermodynamics properties by Joback fragmentation and MOPAC Semi-empirical PM3 methods.