Synthesis, Characterization of Polyaniline and its Use in the

Preparation of Conducting Composite Polymers

H. Kebichea, A. Merzoukia, N. Haddaouia

Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie des Hauts Polymeres (LPCHP), Departement de Genie des Procedes,

Universite Ferhat ABBAS, Setif. Algerie


The objective of this work is the synthesis, the characterization of an electrical conducting polymer and its use in the preparation of conducting polymer composites. The polyaniline was synthesized by a chemical way at three different temperatures. By using various techniques of characterization (electrical conductivity, DSC, RX and SEM), a maximum of information concerning the electrical and physico-chemical properties of the polyaniline synthesized were obtained. The polyaniline was then used in polymeric matrices (PVC, PMMA and PELD) in comparison to composites filled with carbon black. Different parameters namely: filler loading and combination, temperature of evaporation, nature of the solvent and nature of the matrix, were studied in order to investigate their effects on the conductivity of the composites. Results showed that to obtain a composite with the best electrical properties, an optimisation between these various factors is necessary.