Mechanochemical Synthesis of Quartz Containing Nanostructurized Systems: Peculiarities of Morphology, Properties and Perspectives of Application

N.N. Mofa

Combustion Problems Institute, 480012, Almaty, 172, Bogenbai Batyr str., Kazakhstan


Highly disperse powders of complex morphology were obtained by treating quartz in a planetary-centrifugal mill of dynamic action in the presence of different organic substances. The surface layer with the thickness of 10-70 nm modifying the particle of a-quartz after mechanochemical treatment is a carbon containing compound with encapsulated nano-sized particles of iron and its oxides. The powder material of such highly disperse composition particles of modified quartz is characterized by ferromagnetic and electroconducting properties. It is possible to obtain a great variety of morphological forms of surface compounds with marked heterogeneity of their distribution by changing the conditions of mechanochemical synthesis. The occurrence of galvanic effect in nanosized scale is likely to take place on the surface consisting of a polymer nanostructurized film with the sites supersaturated with metallic and carbon clusters. Practical application of such structures is perspective for obtaining highly active sorbents.