Chemistry, Technology and Medicinal Properties of Kumys

Z.S. Seitov

Kazakh Medical University, prosp. Abay, 69, 050022, Almaty, Kazakhstan


In the given work the medicinal properties, chemistry and technology of kumys are discussed. The special attention is paid to lactoproteins because they are of nutritive importance and necessary for an organism as a source of aminoacids. Lactoproteins contain all unsubstitutable aminoacids required for construction of cellular components of organs and tissues. Apart from nutritive value, many milk proteins such lactoproteins as a-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, lysozyme, lactoperoxidase and lactoferrin have a high biological activity. The properties of these milk proteins were considered in details in the present work.

The aminoacid composition of mare’s milk was determined using the method of paper chromatography which gives a great spread in values, up to ±10%. Using the method of gas-liquid chromatography we studied the fat-acid composition of unskimmed milk of mares of the farm “Panfilovsky” compared to the milk fat of cows of the same farm. We also studied the composition of vitamins and mineral elements in kumys and mare’ milk, process of fermentation in mare’s milk and kumys, the method of the preparation of kumys, the main biophysical indexes of mare’s milk and kumys, the composition and properties of kumys from different regions and general principles of preservation of milk and dairy products.