Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Temperature and pH-sensitive Copolymers Based on 2-hydroxyethyl Acrylate

S.N. Shmakov, G.T. Akhmetkalieva, G.A. Mun and A.A. Yermukhambetov

Department of Chemical Physics & Macromolecular Chemistry, al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Karasai Batyra 95a, 480012 Almaty, Kazakhstan


New temperature sensitive water-soluble polymers were prepared by copolymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate (HEA) and vinyl butyl ether (VBE). The Tosi method was used for calculation of the statistical distribution of monomer units within the macromolecules of the copolymers. In water these polymers exhibit lower critical solution temperature, which depends on the content of hydrophobic vinyl butyl ether units. Copolymerization of HEA, VBE and acrylic acid results in both pH- and thermosensitivity of terpolymers. Slight change in pH strongly affects the phase behaviour of these polymers in aqueous solutions.