Nanostructural Carbon Materials for Gold Extraction

R.M. Mansurova, V.A. Zakharov, I.M. Bessarabova, M.A. Biisenbayev, D.K. Kabylkakov,

N.K. Zhylybayeva and Z.A. Mansurov

Combustion Problems Institute, 480012, Almaty, 172, Bogenbai Batyr str., Kazakhstan


Physicochemical parameters of synthesis of carbonized sorbents based on vegetable raw materials and their properties were investigated by elemental and X-ray analysis, IR and EPR-spectroscopy, and electron microscopy. It has been shown that the synthesized nanostructural carbon compositions have high specific surface and porosity. The presence of carbonyl, carboxyl and hydroxyl groups has been revealed on the surface of the synthesized sorbents.

The sorption of AuCl4-1 by the nanostructural carbon materials has been investigated. It was found that Au(III) is quantitatively (99-100%) accumulated by the sorbent within a wide range of HCl concentration. The sorption rate, τ1/2 semisorption time, sorption rate constant and sorbents dynamic capacity were determined. It was shown that the presence of excessive amounts (100-800 times) of Fe(III), Cu(II), Cd(II), Zn(II), Hg(II), Pb(IV) ions does not interfere with Au(III) sorption by the sorbent KAK-2.