Synthesis of New Metallized Polyimide Films with High Optical and Physical Performances

Saule Kudaikulova1,2, Oleg Prikhodko3, Galina Boiko1, Bulat Zhubanov1, Vanda Yu. Voytekunas2 and Marc J.M. Abadie2

1Institute of Chemical Sciences, 106 Valihanov, 480100 Almaty, Kazakhstan

2Laboratory of Polymer Science & Advance Organic Materials - LEMP/MAO, University Montpellier 2, Place Bataillon, 34095 Montpellier Cedex 05, France

3Department of Solid State physics, al-Farabi kazakh National University

Tole bi Street, 480012 Almaty, Kazakhstan


Electroconductive and reflective metallized polyimide films have been prepared by heterogeneous chemical modification of polyimide surface. By carrying out the chemical reactions in situ in the modified layers of polyimide surface, a metal phase strongly impregnated into the polyimide surface is obtained. The steps of chemical modification have been studied on the model compound poly(amic acid) on the basis of isophthaloylchloride and methylenedianthranilic acid which forms insoluble sodium or potassium poly(amic acid) salts (polyamate). Metallization of Kapton HN & JP (from DuPont) and Upilex S (from Ube) films has been carried out and the films have been characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray fine diffraction (XRFD), measurements of reflectivity in the visible range and surface resistivity at elevated temperatures. It is shown that reflectivity coefficients of silvered films are 90-92% and surface resistivity is about 0.5 W/sq.