p-Xylylenediamine and Its New Polyimides

Bulat A. Zhubanov1, Valentina D. Kravtsova1, Kair A. Zhubanov2, Tleutay S. Abildin2 and Nagima B. Bizhanova2

1Institute of Chemical Sciences, 106 Walikhanov St., 480100 Almaty, Kazakhstan

2Scientific Institute of New Chemical Technologies and Materials

95a Karasay Batyr, 480012 Almaty, Kazakhstan


p-Xylylenediamine was synthesized with high yield through a hydration of dinitrile of terephthalic acid. The effect of catalyzer and solvent on the yield of the product was studied. The hydrogenization was carried out on skeletal catalyzers based an alloy of Reney nickel Ni:Al (1:1) in aliphatic alcohols (C1-C4) at 4.0 MPa and 60С. New alkanearomatic polyimides were synthesized by one-step polycondensation of p-xylylenediamine and dianhydride of tricyclodecentetracarbon acid in the presence of isonicotinic acid as catalyzer in apolar amide solvents at 110-120С. Films based on the synthesized polyalkanimides are stable with 70-80 MPa breaking strength and 30-40% elongation. Glass temperature of the polymers is within 265-280С temperature range, temperature of decomposition is above 340С. Tangent of dielectic loss of the films at 1 kHz and 25С is 0.002-0.004, dielectric permeability is about 3.22-3.35.