The Microhardness as an Express Method for Estimation the Depth of Metal Particle Distribution

L.L. Muhina1, I.V. Razumovskaja1, S.K. Kudaikulova2, B.A. Zhubanov2 and M.J.M. Abadie3

1Department of solid state physics, Moscow State Pedagogical University,

29 M. Pirogovskaya street, Moscow, Russia

2Institute of Chemical Sciences, 106 Walikhanov street, 480100 Almaty, Kazakhstan

3 Laboratory of Polymer Science & Advance Organic Materials, Montpellier University 2, S.T.L., Place Eugène Bataillon, 34095 Montpellier Cedex 05, France


By measurement of microhardness of silver layer on polyimide films and its reduction after removing the stress, the depth of silver distribution in the polyimide films was calculated. A significant hardening of Kapton 100 HN films was observed especially for cobalt-impregnated materials, which was about 10 mm. The distribution of silver in the film layers was obviously deeper that manifested as entirely lower hardening at microhardness measurement. Because of the initial microhardness of Upilex it was observed strong hardening of the effort, which was led to shallow distribution of metals in the films. For example, Co-metallized films showed 5 mm distribution in the top film layers. Such method could allow precisely and rapidly estimating the distribution of metal particles impregnated in metallized polymeric materials.