Potentiometric Control of Metal Concentration for Chelation Kinetics of Modified Polyimide Films

Juldyz Akhmetova1 Olga Moisseyevich1, Andrey Kurbatov1, Tleuken Akhmetov1, Saule Kudaikulova2, Bulat Zhubanov2 and Marc J.M. Abadie3

1Center of Physico-Chemical Analysis, al-Farabi National University

95a Vinogradov st., 480012, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2Insitute of Chemical Sciences, 106 Walikhanov st., 480100, Almaty, Kazakhstan

3Laboratory of Polymer Science & Advance Organic Materials, Montpellier University 2, S.T.L., Place Eugène Bataillon, 34095 Montpellier Cedex 5, France


Interaction of modified polyimide films with agrentium nitrate solutions of various concentrations was studied. Sorption of Ag ions by films is divided into three steps: formation of Ag ion layer on the border of film surface; diffusion inside the films; and final saturation of film by Ag ions. The data are confirmed by calculation of weight of the sorbed Ag ions onto the films with various thicknesses. Electrochemical Ag loading of PI films includes two parallel reactions: film dissolution accompanied by chelation.