Destruction of Oil Pollution on Soils by Ameliorant Based on Peat

L.D. Stakhina1, T.I. Burmistrova2 and T.P. Alekseeva2

1Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences,

3, Academichesky Ave., 634021, Tomsk, Russia

2Scientific Research Institute of Peat Problems, 3, Gagarin st., 634050, Tomsk, Russia


Biodestruction of crude oils of various chemical types recovered from different regions has been studied. Soil pollution with crude oil and oil products results in serious ecological problems in oils fields, that is especially characteristic for the North regions. Degradation of crude oil components was caused by the communities of micro-organisms obtained from various peat samples of the Tomsk Oblast. The micro-organisms were activated by mineral systems. Oil destruction level was defined by gravimetric determination after extraction from soils by methylene chloride; the elemental composition was also determined. The study has revealed that the efficiency of oil degradation ranges from 60% to 80% depending on peat sample and ambient conditions. In general, the content of alkanes (linear + cyclic) and aromatic hydrocarbons with alkyl chains decreased as a result of crude oil destruction. The content of oxygen compounds decreased 2-3 times. As to nitrogen-containing compounds they completely disappeared in the biodegraded samples.