Aminoacids Derivatives with a Potential Anti-inflammatory Activity

Valeriu Sunel1, Marcel Popa2, Liliana Verestiuc3, Claudia Ivanov2, Aura Angelica Popa4

1Faculty of Chemistry, University "A.I. Cuza", Organic Chemistry Department, 11 Bd. Carol, 6600, Iasi, Romania

2Department of Macromolecules, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Technical University "Gh. Asachi", 71A Bd. Mangeron, 6600, Iasi, Romania

3Faculty of Medical Bioengineering, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Gr.T. Popa", 16 Universitatii Street, 6600, Iasi, Romania

4University "P. Andrei", Nr.6, Bl. 7A, Gavriil Musicescu Street, 6600 Iasi, Romania


The paper presents the synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives starting from asparagic acid. The reaction products were analysed from physical and chemical point of view and their biological activity (acute toxicity, anti-inflammatory activity and gastric tolerance) was evaluated. The product association with acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) improves its anti-inflammatory activity (higher with 38%). For acetylsalicylic acid dosing, in mixtures with benzimidazole derivatives, a new HPLC method has been proposed. The method is reproducible, selective and easy to manipulate. The derivatives based on benzimidazole and asparagic acid and their associates with acetylsalicylic acid present good anti-inflammatory properties.