Sorption of richlokain on polycarboxylic acid gels

Marat K. Beysebekov, Assel K. Toktabaeva and Zharylkasyn A. Abilov

al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, St. Karasay batyr 95 A, 480012, Republic of Kazakhstan


The sorption immobilization of richlokain on gels of polyacrylic acid (PAAG) or polymethacrylic acid (PMAAG) has been studied. By a number of methods equilibrium swelling, potentiometry, IR-spectroscopy, and sorption it has been shown that binding of richlokain with these gels leads to the complex formation owing to the electrostatic interaction, which is stabilised by the hydrophobic and hydrogen bonds. Effect of an ionic force, reagent concentration, cross-link degree, hydrophobic nature of gels, and pH of solutions on the sorption process has been studied.