The Basic Results on Reinitiation Processes in Diffracting Multifront Detonations. Part I.

A.A. Vasil'ev1, A.V. Trotsyuk1, P.A. Fomin1, V.A. Vasiliev1, V.N. Rychkov1, D.Desbordes2, B.Khasainov2, H.N.Presles2, P.Vidal2, P.Demontis2 and C.Priault2

1M.Lavrent’ev Institute of Hydrodynamics, SB RAS, Novosibirsk, 630090 Russia

2Laboratory of Combustion and Detonation, ENSMA, BP 40109, 86961 Futuroscope, France


The basic results of experimental investigations on reinitiation processes in diffracting multifront detonation wave (DW) are discussed in connection with problem of practical application of new ecological technology for worn-out tire destruction, where the cooled worn-out tire destroys with the help of gaseous detonation. The experimental results for various fuel-oxygen and fuel-air mixtures are presented at wide range of mixture compositions, initial pressure and temperature, geometrical sizes of experimental equipment, symmetry types, dilution of inert gases, etc. Classical and nontraditional schema of DW-diffraction are investigated, such as multipointed initiation, DW-excitation by circular charge, initiation space-oriented longitudinal charges, initiation by circular charge, diffraction on concave boundary, diffraction on contact surface of different mixtures, flame diffraction, etc. The main characteristic parameters are identified for each diffraction schema. The physical processes taking place directly in the DW-front plays the governing role in reinitiation. The most important among these processes are collisions of transverse waves, which stick out as microscopic initiators. The optimization problem of DW-initiation from spatial and temporary distribution of energy is discussed carefully. This data can be used at hazard estimation also.