Plasmachemical Process of Destruction of Sulphide Polymers


Department of Chemistry of al-Farabi Kazakh National University,

95-a, Karasay Batyr str., Almaty, 480012, Republic of Kazakhstan


The process of destruction of sulphidic polymers is investigated and mechanism of formation of laser erosive plasma is offered. The using of modulator of good quality allows obtaining of ordered structure of laser plasma, which is formed as a toroid and kept by own magnetic field. The process of plasma formation and movement over the surface of the sample proceeds in three stages.

At the first stage the dense hot nucleus of a torch absorbing laser radiation is formed. At the second stage there is a transition of thermal energy of plasma into kinetic energy of the directed dynamic movement. At the third stage the plasmoid, having reached the maximum value of rate, is sharply hindered owing to interaction with the air medium, reorganization of the plasma dynamic movement itself takes place. Processes of plasma states under different conditions are separated both in space and in time.