Immobilization of Alchidine on Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Gels

M.K. Beisebekov, A.K. Toktabaeva, Zh.A. Abilov, G.Sh. Burasheva

Chemical faculty of al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Karasai Batyra 95, 480012 Almaty, Kazakhstan


The regularities of immobilization of natural medicinal mixture of substances - alchidine on gels of poly (vinyl alcohol) were investigated by viscometric, equilibrium swelling and spectrophotometric methods. The PVA gels were obtained by criotropic gelation method. It was shown that polymer components of alchidine interact with nonionic polymer with formation of interpolymer complexes stabilized by intermolecular hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions, which leads to compaction of macromolecules. The influence of temperature and ionic strength of solution on properties of complexes has been studied. The kinetics of desorbtion of alchidine from PVA –gels has been investigated. It was shown that the drug release rate is proportional to the quantity of alchidine in gels and increases with increase in temperature and decrease in PVA content in gels. The distributions constants of alchidine in gel-water system were calculated from the data of swelling and desorbtion.