Heterocycles Synthesis at Carbonylation of Acetylenic Compounds

S.A. Vizer, K.B. Yerzhanov

Institute of Chemical Sciences MES Republic Kazakhstan

Sh. Walikhanov str. 106, Almaty, 480100, Kazakhstan vizer@astel.kz


The carbonylation of unsaturated hydrocarbons, alcohols, organic halides and other substrates catalyzed by transition metals, salts of transition metals and organometallic complexes is a wide used synthesis method of new carbonyl, carboxyl and alkoxy carbonyl containing compounds including creation or modificationt of heterocycles.

The data about synthesis of heterocycles at carbonylation of acetylenic compounds have been appeared at last 20 years and are demonstrated in our review.

Introduction of carbon monoxide in the catalytic reactions of acetylenic compounds permits to obtain in oneput process the diverse heterocycles, having carbonyl, carboxyl or alkoxycarbonyl substitutes or containing these fragments inside of heterocycles.