Some Problems of the Development of Physics and Chemistry

of Carbon Materials

Z.A. Mansurov

Combustion Problems Institute, Bogenbay Batyr Str., 172, Almaty, 480012, Kazakhstan


Regularities of formation of nanocarbon materials under catalytic thermal pyrolysis of propane-butane on the Kazakhstan natural clays, chromite and bauxite sludges, containing oxides of the iron sub-group metals, are investigated. Morphology and structures of forming carbon threads with metal particles, fixed at the ends of the threads, are studied and formation of divaricate form of carbon threads octopus is found out. The process of carbonization is shown at walnut shells, grape and apricot stones and their cell immobilization for selective adsorption of heavy metal ions and sulfur dioxide. Metal-carbon composites considered as adsorbents for waste treatment, catalysts of cracking C3-C4, hydrocarbons and components of refractories with improved characteristics.