The Modeling of Chemical Technological Process in the Fire Chambers

A.S. Askarova, S.A. Bolegenova, E.I. Lavrishcheva, I.V. Loktionova

Physical Faculty, al-Faraby Kazakh National University, 480012, Almaty, 96 Toli bi Str., Kazakhstan


In this paper the results obtained by the method of numerical modeling of Ekibastuz coal burning in furnace on the example of fire chamber fixed on Aksy hydroelectric station are represented. Numerical experiment was carried out on the basis of three-dimensional equations of convective heat and mass transfer, taking into account the heat propagation, heat radiation, chemical reactions and multiphase structure of the medium. After the numerical experiment, the pictures of temperature distribution on the height of the chamber and concentration of CO, CO2, ash and coke distribution along the chamber were obtained. The results are represented graphically.