Development of New Non-waste Catalytic Technology for

Oil Desulfurization as a Method to Reduce the Environmental Pollution

K.A. Zhubanov, V.S. Emelyanova, B.K. Zhalimbetova, A.M. Baisalbaeva,

A.G. Selitskaya and T.V. Shakieva

Research Institute of New Chemical Technologies and Materials, Almaty, Kazakhstan


This study is devoted to the development of non-waste technology of oil and petroleum refining. The experimental material of a soft catalytic oxidation of oil sulfurorganic compounds with formation of sulfoxides and sulfacides, having high consumer qualities is presented. Based on the IR-spectral data and mathematical calculations the optimal conditions of the process are defined, the kinetics of the oxidation is investigated and the process mechanism is offered. The results of research and approbation of highsulfurous oils of the Kazakhstan oilfields are presented. These materials are offered for introduction in the application by oil companies, which explore and produce the oil from oilfields of Western region of Republic of Kazakhstan.