Hepatoprotective Action of Phytopreparation from Limonium gmelinii

G.E. Zhusupova, T.M. Shalakhmetova, Sh.N. Askarova

al-Farabi Kazakh National University

95a Karasay Batyr Str., 480012, Almaty, Kazakhastan


Effects of phytopreparation from a plant of Limonium gmelinii were studied on livers of white breedless rats at chronic impact of cadmium sulfate and carbon tetrachloride. It was established the administration of cadmium sulfate during six months caused chronic hepatitis, while the simultaneous administration of preparation from Limonium gmelinii and cadmium sulfate did not result of destructive changes in a liver. Chronic intoxication of the animals by carbon tetrachloride during six months caused progressive postnecrotic cirrhosis. The simultaneous administration of phytopreparation and carbon tetrachloride caused postnecrotic fibrosis in the central part of hepatic lobule only. Not only dystrophic and necrobiotic processes also numerous inflammatory cell infiltrates were observed in hepatic parenchyma of animals which were treated by cadmium sulfate and carbon tetrachloride, while it was not observed at animals which were medicated with phytopreparation. Thus, on the basis of the data was concluded about hepatoprotective action of phytopreparation from Limonium gmelinii.