An Environmental Engineering Approach to Green Chemistry-Catalysis

A.Inci Işli

Department of Environmental Engineering, Fatih University, 34900 Buyukcekmece, Istanbul, Turkiye.


21st century is the time to evaluate the "total quality" in terms of the environment, energy and resources of the world. All the nations have to unite in resource protection, depollution, reuse and recycling concepts. In order to adopt sustainable development, man has to try the way to find out processes and products that maximize economic and environmental benefits and social responsibility.

Catalysis is an economically and ecologically important field in the production integrated environmental protection. There are numerous examples of catalytic applications in various industries for a cleaner production and non-stop research is going on in the field of green chemistry.

In this study, the developments in the green chemistry and thereby catalysis technology have been reviewed. Also, an evaluation of the clean production conditions in Turkiye is tried.