Theoretical Evaluation of Possibility to Control Nucleation and Growth of Heteroepitaxial Carbon Films by Applied Fields

B.Z. Mansurov, G.K. Kalykova, N.N. Myasnikova, L.V. Mikhailov

Kazakh State National University, Department of Solid State Physics

96A, Tole be Str., 480012, Almaty, Kazakhstan


On the basis of the literature review, comparison of physical and chemical properties of materials and calculations, it was showed that the copper, saturated with hydrogen, is an appropriate substrate material for heteroepitaxial growth of diamond films. The atomic hydrogen in tetrapores of copper crystalline lattice will be the crystallisation centre of carbon. Herewith the difference in lattice cell parameters between the substrate and the growing diamond film is considerably reduced, i.e. epitaxial growth of crystal is possible. Besides, the disposition of tetrapores on the copper surface (111) and, respectively, of atomic hydrogen located in them, creates conditions for preferential formation of tetragonal bonds of carbon.

The estimations have shown that it is possible to create conditions for preferential oriented growth of diamond films through changing the magnitude and configuration of applied fields.