The Composition and properties of Straight-Run and Mechanoactivated 360-400C Distillate from Yakut Petroleum

P.A.Pikula, A.K.Golovko, V.F.Kamyanov

Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch

3, Academichesky Av., 634021, Tomsk, Russia


The group hydrocarbon composition of 360-400C straight-run distillate of the petroleum from Talakanskoye oil-field (Yakutia - Republic of Saha) has been studied in detail using clathrate formation, liquid adsorption chromatography, thermodiffusion methods and mass spectrometric analysis of obtained thermodiffusion fractions. The fundamental physical constants of all isolated narrow hydrocarbon fractions were measured. The regularities of thermodiffusion separation of saturated hydrocarbons having different amounts of rings in molecules as well as the relations between properties and composition of the concentrates obtained were traced.

It is established that a mechanoactivation of petroleum distillate leads to a change of its hydrocarbon composition, first of all to a decrease of its paraffin content, as well as to respective changes of its physical-chemical characteristics (to a decrease in pour point and an increase in density and viscosity values).