Hydropurification and Hydroisomerisation of Butyl-Mercaptan-Alkane Mixes and Diesel Oil Fractions on Alumo-Iron-Molybdenum Catalysts

G.D. Zakumbaeva, B. Tuktin, A.D. Gazizova

D.V.Sokolsky Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry.

142 Kunaev Str., Almaty, 480100, Kazakhstan.


Modified alumina-iron-molybdenum (AIM) catalysts have been studied in hydropurification and hydroisomerization both of butylmercaptan-alkane mixture and diesel oil fractions. It has been shown that the modification of alumina-iron-molybdenum catalysts by zeolites and other additives leads to a significantenhance of their hydrodesulfurization and hydroisomerization activity.