Electrochemical Behavior of Magnesium and its Alloys

in non-Aqueous Solutions

A.M. Kuvancheva, M.K. Nauryzbayev, A.R. Ishkenov, A.P. Kurbatov

Chemical department, al-Faraby Kazakh State National University,

95 Karasai Batyr Str., 480012, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Magnesium and its alloys are widely used in creation of chemical sources of current, because possesses a number of characteristics: highly negative standart potential, low equivalent weight, high melting point, low cost, relative abundance, ease of handling, machining, and disposal, and low toxicity of most its compounds. Therefore study of magnesium behavior and isolation is actually and perspective. However results of researches in this area are separated and have no a general direction. In this connection, the given article supposes by the purpose to generalize last achievements, available in the modern literature in electrochemistry of magnesium and its alloys in non-aqueous media.