Analysis of Operation and Investigation of a Carbon Composite

Synthesized on the Cathode from Propane-Butane Mixture Under Different Modes of Plasma Generator Operation

V.I.Golysh1, E.I.Karpenko1, Z.A.Mansurov2, V.E.Messerle2, V.ZH.Ushanov3

1Centre for Plasma-Energy Technologies, 671280, Gusinoozerzk, Russia

2Combustion Problem Institute, 172 Bogenbay Batyr str., 480012, Almaty, Kazakhstan

3Institute of Chemical Sciences, MES RK, 106 Walikhanov str., 4800100, Almaty, Kazakhstan


This paper presents an analysis of the usage of self-recovered pyrocarbon cathodes. Different schemes of cathode units are discussed. This paper proposes the construction of a cathode with graphite base on which constantly restored pyrocarbon layer is built up. The formula for the calculation of the increase in specific electrode mass is derived. Propane mass consumption is adjusted to be equal to the calculated increase in the cathode mass. The results of prolonged (over 300 hours) testing of the plasma generator with the pyrocarbon cathode at the CPET (Center for Plasma-Energy Technologies) rigs and under the conditions of pulverized-coal torch lighting on boilers of Gusinoozyorsk TPS are given.