Regularities of Catalytic Formation of Carbon Composites for Various Purposes via Decomposition of Hydrocarbons on Iron Subgroup Metals

R.A.Buyanov and V.V.Chesnokov

Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Prosp. Akad. Lavrentieva, 5, 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia


Scientific basis for preparation of new carbon-mineral adsorbents, supports, highly selective catalysts, and composite materials synthesized by a carbide cycle mechanism on the finely disperse particles of the iron subgroup metals, their alloys with some other metals is discussed. It was found that the carbide cycle mechanism involves the chemical and physical steps. The regularities of the process performance on the both stages are considered. Graphite filaments may be formed of graphite layers with either coaxial-cylindrical, coaxial-conic or stack orientations in the filament body. A number of primary and secondary properties of the graphite aggregates is being discussed. We have developed the methods for control the synthesis of carbon-mineral materials of the specified properties by varying the parameters of the metal particles, the nature of hydrocarbon decomposition, and the process mode.