SHS of Oxide Systems Based on the "Mechano-Chemical" Quartz Modified by Organometallic Compounds

G.I. Ksandopulo, N.N. Mofa, T.A. Ketegenov, O.V. Cherviakova, O.A. Tyumentseva

Combustion Problems Institute 480012, Almaty, 172 Bogenbay Batyr Str., Kazakhstan


The differences of the effects of mechanical substance pre-activation in the mills with divers force effect schemes on the self-propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS) of the SiO2 + 37.5 % Al system are shown. The power saturation of activated material is determined by particle defect intensity and effects on the thermal and physical characteristics of the material. The variations of activated material state are estimated referring on the variations of dilatometry curve paths. The effects of activation time on the temperature of sample self-ignition in the furnace, combustion temperature and completeness of the quartz reaction with aluminum are determined. The enhancing effects of organic modificators of quartz particle surfaces on the further SH synthesis development are shown.