Fabrication of Optical Modulator Based on Proton Exchange

Ki-sung Kang1, Dea-wha Soh2

1 Dept. of Information Communication Eng., Kangwon Province University, Kangnung, 8-2, R. Korea

2 Division of Electronics, Information & Comm. Eng., Myongji University, Yongin, 449-728, R. Korea


For the investigation of optical modulator, the optical wave-guide was fabricated on x-cut LiNbO3 sub-strate using proton exchange method with self-aligned electrode. The electrode pattern was designed using a self-aligned thin film electrode method. After proton exchange process, the wave-guide could be prepared by annealing process to control the width and depth of the optical wave-guide.

The initial crossover state of the fabricated 12 optical switch was observed with controlling the annealing process variables and the structure of self-aligned thin film electrodes.

As the results in the present work, the measured cross talk and minimum detectable switching voltagewere obtained at the values of -29.5 dB and 8.0V, respectively, with good merits.