Investigation of Inhibitor Polyphosphate Properties for Rotating Steel Disk Electrode in Potassium Nitrate Solution

E.A. Dorokhova, B.D. Burkitbaeva, I.B. Melsitova, T.Z. Ahkmetov, V.I. Kapralova

Department of Chemistry, al-Farabi Kazakh State National University, 95 Karasai Batyr Str., 480012, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Inhibition properties of a number of glass-like polyphosphates on 65J steel were investigated using the gravimetry and methods potassium nitrate solution polarization curves in a 0,1M (pH=6,05). The possibilities of optimum experimental conditions were considered as well. Basing on the experimental data the inhibition coefficient and protective effect were found. The inhibiting action of polyphosphates, apparently, is due to the formation of inhomogeneous protecting film on the steel surface.