Utilization of Oil Wastes for Production of Road-building Materials

Z.A. Mansurov, E.K. Ongarbaev, B.K. Tuleutaev

Department of Chemical Physics, Al-Farabi Kazakh State National University, 95 Karasai Batyr Str., Almaty 480012, Kazakhstan


The pollution of environment by oil spills in the process of extraction, refining and transporting of oil is an important ecological problem of oil industry. Composition and properties of the oil sludge and oilcontaminated soil taken from the area of Zhetybai Uzen Atyrau pipeline failure have been investigated aiming at development of oil waste utilization methods. The offered thermal method of organic fraction extraction allows to decrease the organic fraction content by 1520 %. It is shown that the recovered oil may be used for the bitumen production, and the solid residue as a component of cold asphalt concrete.