The Synthesis of Styrene-Oligoester Copolymer and

Investigation of Their Physico-mechanical Properties

G. Ahmedova1, H. Kara1, Y. Cengeloglu1, E.Özcan1, Y. Burdurlu2,M. Ersöz1 and

A. Koçak1

1 Selcuk University, Department of Chemistry, Campus, 42079 Konya, Turkey

2 Selcuk University, Department of Environmental Engineering, Campus, 42079 Konya, Turkey


The copolymerization reaction of commercial propylene oxide with glycidylmethacrilate in the pres-ence of BF3O(C2H5)2 catalyst have been investigated. The composition and structure of copolymerization products and anchored functional groups have been determined using IR and gel chromatographic methods. The physico-mechanical properties and utility of polyfunctional unsaturated oligoester were investigated. The obtained thermoset product via the reaction of the oligoester with both styrene and oligostyrene obtained from the bottom of column as a waste material during the rectification operation of styrene in the presence of radicalic initiator has a good adhesion capability, hardness and high heat and water resistance. Thus the waste material was converted to the high valuable polymeric material.