Modified Zeolite-containing Pt-Re/Al2O3 catalysts for reforming of C7-C9-n-paraffins

T.V.Van, G.D.Zakumbaeva and R.I.Egizbaeva

D.V.Sokolsky Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry, 142 Kunaev St., 480100 Almaty, Kazakhstan


The effect of promoter additives to Pt-Re/Al2O3 zeolite catalysts on their properties at C7-C9 paraffins reforming was investigated. It has been established that a rise of decsationization degree of zeolite from 60 to 90% is accompanied by increase of catalyst activity and improvement of quality of final products. On Pt-Re/Al2O3 catalyst modified by 0,6% Re the high conversion of C7, C8, C9 hydrocarbons (74%, 60% and 82% respectively) was observed at P=1.0 MPa, T=623K. The promoter additives allow a rise the selectivity of iso-octane formation to 100% at P=1.0 MPa, T=623 K. The high stability of catalyst was observed without activation at its test under optimal conditions.