Catalytic Synthesis of Organophosphorus Compounds from Inorganic Derivatives of Low Valence Phosphorus

Gulshara S.Polimbetova, Rumiya R.Abdreimova and Farida Kh. Faisova

D.V.Sokolsky Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry, 142 Kunaev St., 480100 Almaty, Kazakhstan


A variety of new reactions of inorganic compounds of elemental and low valence phosphorus (phosphine, white phosphorus, sodium hypophosphite) with various organic substrates (alcohols, olefins, quinones) catalysed by different transition metal (PdII , HgII , PtII , PtIV , AgI , FeIII , CuII ) salts leading to the formation of valuable organophosphorus derivatives (trialkylphosphates, dialkylphosphites, trialkylphoshinoxides, phosphonium salts) are reviewed. The principal features of the oxidative phosphorylation reactions which are of great practical importance are described. The mechanisms of the catalytic oxidative P-O and P-C cou-pling of phosphine, white phosphorus and hypophosphite with alcohols, olefins and quinones are considered. It has been shown that this catalytic protocol allows to provide a highly selective conversion of relatively inexpensive feedstocks to desirable higher added-value products.