Design of Nano-Sized Polymer-Palladium Catalysts for Hydrogenation

Alima Zharmagambetova, Bagadat Selenova, Sabira Mukhamedzhanova,

Indira Kurmanbaeva

D.V.Sokolsky Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry, 142 Kunaev St., 480100 Almaty, Kazakhstan


Nanoscale palladium/oxide catalysts stabilized with poly-2-methyl-5-vinylpyridine (P2M5VP) have been prepared and tested in the reaction of 3,7,11-trimethyldodecyne-1-ol hydrogenation in ethanol at 50 oC and hydrogen atmospheric pressure. The catalysts showed high activity, stability and selectivity. Chemical in-teraction of PdCl2 with pyridyne groups of P2M5VP on oxides (ZnO and MgO) promotes formation of even distribution of uniformed metal particles. Polymer chains prevent agglomeration of active phase of Pd and deactivation of catalysts during hydrogenation reaction.